Crestron and Kramer Companies give users a comfortable working environment by automating the management of engineering systems and media content in buildings.

Such solutions are used in hospitals, educational institutions, offices, hotels, administrative buildings, theaters and are designed to enhance user convenience and the prestige of the facility being operated. A wide range of hardware and software products developed by “MediaContract” specialists with the help of these smart equipment manufacturers is leading in the field of global and central management, control and gathering of information into a single network.

All systems can be controlled with one stylish and beautiful touchpad, which reduces the number of various remote controls and switches. This technology embodies software that combines sophisticated equipment and technology, making it easier for the end-user to run all the necessary processes and control them with minimal action.

Integrated Crestron and Kramer solutions, combining modern technologies, include control of television, information systems, audio / video distribution and switching devices, automated multi-functional complexes, conference rooms, auditoriums, etc., giving comfort and convenience and making them virtually limitless.