Access control systems, developed and installed by MediaContract, have become an integral part of the security systems of modern enterprises and offices.

They provide the opportunity to control the entry / exit of people and transport, preventing unauthorized entry of unauthorized people to the object, and also delimit the passage of personnel and visitors to various premises. Mostly the access control system is associated with video surveillance system and an alarm system, thereby increasing the safety of the building. Modern access control system helps to account working hours, recording the time of arrival and exit of staff, increasing discipline and productivity in the enterprise.

Today, ACS is one of the most actively developing areas in the field of security due to the automation of the process, which reduces the human factor and financial costs for hiring security guards. The installed control system protects office and enterprise workers, and in emergency, it quickly responds to the changes that have occurred.

The areas of possible application of the access control system are very extensive:

  • business centers, enterprises and office buildings ;
  • banks;
  • educational institutions (universities, schools, colleges );
  • parkings;
  • hotels;
  • various public institutions.

ACS more than once proved its effectiveness. At the same time, it can be installed even in buildings with several tenants. Access levels allow to distinguish their premises, wherein reducing the cost maintenance and installation of system.