The specialists of the “MediaContract” constantly improve their knowledge and study up-to-date trends in the organization of cinema equipment.

Film business is fast-moving, that’s why the specialists of MediaContract are constantly improving their knowledge and studying up-to-date trends in organizing the technical equipment of cinemas, what offers their clients the most modern and interesting solutions. New technologies, such as 3D, attract viewers with their entertainment, so the cinema is not only for young, but also for an older generation.

A new stage of the cinema era is digital film production, which has several advantages over the film one:

  1. Higher image quality without flickering, scratches, dust.
  2. Copies are not liable to wear and will give the same quality on the screen even after a week of hire, as on the day of the premiere.
  3. The image looks more reliable, it will not differ from what it was in the control laboratory. The contrast, color rendition and brightness will remain. Moreover, they will coincide with digital equipment in any cinema.
  4. High-quality soundtrack, which is not compensated.
  5. Reduced cost of production of the film and its replication.
  6. Reduced production time.

A player (server) and a film projector that supports digital playback, which meets DCI requirements are necessary for film screening. A Firm-right holder delivers the players in cinemas in a closed form, so that only it could control the settings and change them. The distributors receive a license to show a certain film with an indication of the time interval during which this can be done. The encrypted connection is used between the player and the film projector so that during the screening it is impossible to make a pirated copy of the motion picture.