“MediaContract” develops solutions for equipping congress halls, rooms for negotiation, conference rooms of large companies, as well as supplies and installs the necessary equipment.

Conference call is a system of audio equipment used for negotiations, seminars, trainings and all kinds of business meetings with a large number of participants regardless of the area of ​​the room.

Controllers with microphones are installed to implement conference call. It gives an opportunity for each delegate to speak and also amplifies the sound of his speech.Since the speaker’s time is strictly regulated, an important part of the system is timing. The system is controlling a time interval and counting down. This information is displayed on the dial of the device. The chairman’s console allows to manage the conference by determining the order of the participants. If necessary, the delegates’ seats are equipped with a voting button to conduct polling in real time without using any additional devices, as all functionality is integrated into the system and the buttons are located on the remote control for each participant, and the obtained data is displayed on a general display in the form of diagrams or graphs. Broadcasting can be conducted on several rooms, displaying in the same time the speaker on the big screen. The event is automatically logged, and multimedia capabilities give participants an opportunity to exchange documents and various files.

If the event is held with foreign guests , the conference system is complemented by equipment, which allows to complete a simultaneous translation into one or more languages. This function is indispensable on international meetings with the existence of a language barrier between participants. In this case, the speech of a simultaneous interpreter sitting in a hall or in a specially equipped booth is transmitted to the listener’s headphones