Due to the automation of management processes and production, the development of computer technology, various devices for displaying information have become widespread.

Plasma panels, projection screens and multimedia projectors, developed with technology from leading brands and installed by highly qualified specialists of MediaContract, allow you to get a rich, bright and clear image of exceptional quality. Our equipment is used on stadiums, concert venues, exhibitions, cinemas, and conference rooms.

Video walls are a complex tiled system consisting of several video panels, computer monitors or televisions, which are connected together into a all-in-one large-screen. Among the variety of modern visualization devices, they are unique with their information capacity. In this way they significantly simplify the process of making managerial and technological decisions by simultaneously placing all the required information and any content. Other advantages of video walls are their structural strength, space saving thickness and the ability to work around the clock for a long period of time either indoor or outdoor.

LED screens provide a high quality image that transmits full color range even in bright light, which make it favorable for use outdoors as well as indoors, consuming little electricity. They are widely involved in the entertainment industry, increasing the effectiveness of the show, helping to organize live broadcasts during public events.

Multimedia projectors give an opportunity to display all the desired information on any flat surface, for example, the walls of buildings, or projection screens. The last can be both direct (the projector in this case is on the same side as the audience on the screen) and reverse projection, for various presentations for a large number of people. At the same time the image on the screen is not distorted by the shadow of the speaker.

Specialized software and video servers help all information display systems to work in a properly way.