Sound amplification and sound systems are a combination of electroacoustic and amplifying devices for reproducing a sound signal.

They are designed to provide the highest quality sound either indoor or outdoor. We meet with these systems almost every day: in the theater and at concerts, in the cinema and in stadiums. The sound amplification developed by MediaContract is used in cases where the primary signal, for example, the voice of the performer, is not enough to create high-quality sound in the auditorium or on another large area. Our experts are skilled in the design of the project and the acoustics architecture of the customer’s multifunctional objects, which makes it possible to create a unique sound design for events.

Modern sound systems should surround the viewer with high-quality and realistic sound, clearly distinguishable anywhere in the hall or stadium, allowing him to catch the whisper of the hero and the sound of each instrument from the orchestra. At the same time, the public should not experience any inconvenience even from the harshest noise. The visual perception of the action, accompanied by high-quality sound, captures the viewer from the first minutes and gives him the most powerful emotional experiences, returning again and again to the cinema or concert hall that he liked.

Sound amplification systems include a fairly large amount of various equipment, which is selected depending on the conditions of the concert venue and customer requirements. Standard kits include acoustics systems, microphones (including radio ones), headphones, amplifiers, and mixers.

Before creating a sound system, the conditions for its future maintance are taken into account. The mobile complex will differ from that used in a stationary environment, which is associated with their construction on a modular basis. In this case, it is economically rationally to have a large number of similar elements. The stationary complex allows to use various elements, build a variable architecture without changes in the composition of the sound-amplifying equipment using the settings for controlling the loudspeakers and the configuration of the mixing console.

The sound-amplifying system differs from the sounding one by the processing  acoustic connection, caused by a microphone in the soundfield of loudspeakers emitting an amplified signal.