“MediaContract” designs, develops and assists in the implementation of individual lighting solutions, increasing the attractiveness of the customer’s entertainment facilities.

In very deed, lighting of stage space is one of the main means of artistic expression of theatrical or concert action, affecting the power of perception by the audience.The possibilities of modern lighting devices are endless, with their help a variety of effects are created, which decorate a concert or a play according to the most incredible directorial designs.At the same time, the lighting solution should be “invisible” to the viewer, not stand out as a separate component of the action, but be in harmony with all other elements of the decoration, creating compositional integrity.

Stage lighting from an artistic point of view:

  1. Works in tandem with the other elements of the concert or performance and visualize the action.
  2. Serves as a time dimension, maintaining an action tempo and creating four-dimensional space.
  3. Gives volume to subjects.
  4. Influences the audience’s feelings and gives emotionally colors to what is happening on the stage.

The practicality of the lighting is:

  •  designation of the time and place of events on the scene;
  • coverage of scenery, actors, musicians, etc .;
  • creating space between objects.

Light depending on the director’s tasks has its own energy, drama and charisma.

Modern stage lighting equipment is complex and diverse, but the development of computer technology greatly simplifies the life of light directors, allowing them to control all devices from a single control station, often online and remotely.