The specialists of MediaContract have great experience in designing security equipment for various objects.

Nowadays few people are not familiar with video surveillance. It is difficult to find a shop, office and, moreover, a large industrial object, in which video cameras would not be installed. Video surveillance has become an integral part of the most advanced security systems. Development of crime and terrorism lead to the fact that people want to protect themselves and their property from the encroachments of intruders. The surveillance cameras of leading world manufacturers, installed by “MediaContract” specialists, who have precious experience in designing security equipment for various objects, are excellent in increasing the reliability of security systems.

Outdoor video surveillance is designed to protect the territory of an object and its borders. It not only detects, but also recognizes a person who is a few meters from the camera site, the night vision function provides the ability to do this even in complete darkness. Surveillance cameras are installed on the streets of many big cities and transmit the image to the security centers. It is, of course, impossible to track everything that happens in real time, but it is possible to find the necessary information and accurate information about a particular situation.

One of the novelty is the use of video surveillance systems to monitor the building of objects. Thus, investors have the opportunity to track the stages of the construction of their building online, thereby saving time to travel to the object.

Internal video surveillance systems are also used everywhere. So in the shops they help to track the thefts not only from visitors, but also from employees, thereby, according to statistics, reducing theft by 80%.The same things are actual for other premises where large volumes of different products are stored. Thanks to video surveillance, enterprise directors can track work in office. Moreover, modern technologies allow doing it online from anywhere in the world. The same system organizes audio communication with the staff, thereby facilitating the process of leadership.